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Your interactive application process for an internship



Fineway is a Smart Travel Concierge which combines real human experts and cutting-edge A.I. technology for travel experiences that match your unique style and intents. The Application-Bot was part of an internship project and turns smart technology into a clever tool that offers all candidates the opportunity to discover their talents and reach their potential for success. 

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Smart systems for smart results 

Outdated, boring and time consuming selection tests are history. The purpose of the interactive chat is to create an easier and more efficient method to get to know you and your skills. In return you will find this to be a very easy and comfortable way to present yourself to the company.




Hands-on at Fineway internships 

Fineway represents innovation and increasing efficiency in every devision. An internship with us includes interesting projects as well as integration into the latest technology and daily tasks. Our new and convenient application process was part of a practical trainee project which reflects our research & development focus.  

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Chat your way to success

The Application-Bot works like a messenger. The chat function allows you to ask relevant questions in advance to get some first information about Fineway and the relevant vacancy. The technology behind asks in return some questions, evaluates the chat immediately and selects the area for which you are best suited. After you finish the chat, you will receive an email with all the summarized information and get in touch with our HR-Division.

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No more boring selection tests. No more outdated pre-qualification. Our Bot ensures a faster, more accurate and efficient selection of our interns.


“During my internship at FINEWAY I was able to support the team from day one and participate in very exciting projects like the Application-Bot. By working with professionals, I was able to acquire a lot of valuable expertise I can use for future tasks.”

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"The creation of the Application-Bot was a real challenge during my internship at FINEWAY and helped me a lot in my personal as well as in my professional development. It was great to apply my knowledge from the university into a practical tasks.“

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Companies our intern alumni have had opportunities with




Key Internship Vacancies in Munich

Entrepreneur in Residence. Take over real startup-life responsibility from day one to create actual value.

Internship Business Development. Direct support of our Managing Directors in strategic & operational matters.

Internship Content Management. Develop engaging online & offline content.

Internship Marketing. Support strategic marketing initiatives.

Internship Travel Design. Create high-definition trip offers. 

Internship Sales Operations. Support the continuously optimisation of our day-to-day operations


Life at Fineway HQ